Category: Pet Health and Wellness

Harnesses VS Collars, Which is Better?

When choosing between a harness and a collar for your dog, it can be challenging to determine which option is best. Each has its unique advantages, but understanding the benefits of both can help you make an informed decision that prioritises your dog’s comfort, safety and well-being. Deciding between the two can be overwhelming, so…

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Summer Activities for Dogs

At Bark Boutique, we love summer because it presents an ideal opportunity to involve our dogs in outdoor garden activities.  Not only do these activities provide physical and mental stimulation, but they strengthen the bond between you and your dog. In this article we explore a variety of enjoyable and beneficial activities and ideas that…

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Our Top Tips for Summer Dog Care

As Summer approaches and the temperatures rise, it’s important to remember that dogs require extra care and attention during the warmer months of the year. At Bark Boutique, we are advocates for keeping dogs safe in summer. Much like humans, dogs can suffer from heat related ailments such as heatstroke, sunburn and dehydration if adequate…

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